8BEAT is the work of Art/ Creative Director
Carlos Cotte


︎︎‘til jail do us part (Armas de Mujer) /opening credits

Opening Credits for Peacock Limited Series done in collaboration with Moving Forward Studios.

Role: Creative Director / Co-Director

Nvidia_Creators/Beeple/ ︎︎

Nvidia’s Studio Spotlight for Beeple
To view full documentary:
Nvidia /Beeple.
Role: Animator / Designer

︎︎Nvidia_Creators/Vitaly Bulgarov/

Nvidia’s Studio Spotlight for Concept Artist Vitaly Bulgarov.
To view full documentary: Nvidia /Vitaly Bulgarov.
Role: Animator / Designer

La Peste del Insomnio / Type Design and Animation ︎︎

“La Peste del Insomnio” is a short film created
and directed by Leo Aranguibel
based on texts written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

To view the full film click here.
Role: Type Animation / Design

ILLUSTRATIONS +storyboards+concept boards+character development